About Me

Hi, I'm Josh--an aspiring software engineer based north of Orange County. I have worked with frontend technologies such as React.js and Redux.

My first projects started with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA)--building scripts to automate tasks in Excel. As my requirements grew in complexity, I looked to Python to handle tasks that VBA could not. Eventually, I was introduced to web development and began working on Node.js projects.

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Skill Set



Check It Out

Check It Out is a terminal based text interface that allows a user to see and select git branches fairly quickly.

When I first started web development, I found myself having to switch branches fairly often and with my organization using the JIRA ticketing system, we had ticket's named "TICKET-1234" and "TICKET-1235." After enough typos and failed git checkouts, Check It Out was born.


Get hip, or die trying.

A Node.js CLI tool designed to let you quickly search slang terms utilizing Urban Dictionary's open API.

Photo Booth Automation

My first passion project--a python command line interface that automates the post production and printing of photographs.

I began volunteering with California State University, Fullerton's Masters of Science in Higher Education's Maywood Education Fair in October of 2016. I volunteered to work with their photo booth, taking and printing pictures for families attending the event. This was an opportunity to invest time into an open source project for a cause that I cared about.


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